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At Finaleap, we are dedicated to empowering your financial journey through innovative and tailored solutions. We combine expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide personalized financial services. Trust us to guide you towards financial success and a secure future.


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Our financial suite caters to diverse needs: supply chain finance for operational efficiency, loan against property for asset utilization, business loans for growth, gold loans for quick funds, and home loans for property aspirations.

Loan Against Property

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A Loan Against Property (LAP) is a secured loan where you use your property as collateral to borrow funds.

This financial product allows you to unlock the value of your property for various needs like business expansion, education or debt consolidation.

Typically, loans are offered at 60-70% of the property value. While providing accessible funds, defaulting on payments may lead to legal consequences, including potential property seizure.Tenure for LAP is in range of 5-7 years thus offering more comfort to the customer with low EMI. LAP is a practical solution leveraging property assets to meet diverse financial goals.

Supply Chain Finance

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Supply Chain Finance is a financial solution that optimizes cash flow within a supply chain.It allows businesses to extend payment terms to suppliers while providing early payment options.

This helps enhance working capital efficiency and strengthens relationships between buyers and suppliers.With streamlined processes and improved liquidity, Supply Chain Finance ensures smoother operations and supports the financial health of businesses throughout the supply chain ecosystem

Business Loans

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Business Loans are short-term, unsecured financing options designed to support the financial needs of businesses. Typically spanning 1-3 years, these loans provide quick access to funds without requiring collateral.

Ideal for covering operational expenses, expansion, or unforeseen costs, Business Loans offer flexibility and convenience.While they offer immediate financial support, timely repayments are crucial to maintaining a positive credit profile and sustaining the financial health of the business.

Gold Loans

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Gold Loans provide swift access to funds, typically available the same day, making them ideal for emergency or mid-term needs.

Leveraging gold as collateral ensures quick processing, enabling borrowers to meet financial requirements promptly while retaining ownership of their precious assets.These short-term loans, spanning in months, offer a convenient and efficient solution for immediate liquidity and diverse financial emergencies.

Home Loans

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A home loan, a type of secured loan, facilitates home purchase by borrowing from a lender with low-interest rates. Repayment occurs through Equated monthly installments(EMI) over a long tenure. The property serves as collateral, making homeownership achievable.

In case of default, legal actions may follow, possibly leading to foreclosure. This financial product offers a realistic and affordable pathway to owning a home, spreading the cost over an extended period with favorable interest rates and extended tenure.

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Discover the future of financial solutions with our Upcoming Products section.

Stay ahead with a sneak peek into cutting-edge offerings that redefine the landscape of non-banking financial services.

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