Loan Against Property

? What is a Loan Against Property?

Loan Against Property is a mortgage loan offered to individuals, firms & companies against their existing property. You can access the untapped potential of your real estate holdings with Loan Against Property. You can borrow money using your property as collateral, while paying it back over time via EMIs. This way, you can continue to own your property and raise funds against it.

? Who Can Avail Loan Against Property Loan ?

Loan Against Property (LAP) can be availed by both salaried and self employed individuals.

? What would be the Rate Of Interest for LAP Loan?

18% and above

? What is Minimum and Maximum loan Tenure for LAP Loan?

From Minimum 36 Months To Maximum 84 Months.

? What is the range of loan amounts, Minimum and Maximum, that I can apply for?

Minimum Rs.3 Lakh to Maximum 50 Lakh

? What are the processing fee charges for LAP Loan?

2% of Loan Amount + GST

? Do I need to pay any login fees to apply for LAP Loan?

Rs. 5900 (Rs. 5000 + 18% GST)

? What is Maximum LTV for LAP Loan ?

60% of Property Value.

? What is Minimum and Maximum loan Tenure for LAP Loan?

From Minimum 36 Months To Maximum 84 Months.

?What can a Loan Against Property be used for?

You can use a Loan Against Property to raise funds for working capital, business expansion, purchase of machinery, for other business requirements, etc

Supply Chain Finance

?What is meant by Supply Chain Finance?

Supply chain finance, also known as reverse factoring, helps businesses improve their cash flow by letting them pay their suppliers over a longer period of time, while giving their large and small suppliers the option to get paid early.

? What type of Loan is Supply Chain Finance? ?

It is a Short term working capital Loan.

? Who are the target customers in Supply Chain Finance?

Business Entities

? How does Supply Chain Finance Credit Work?

It is a revolving credit line.

?How many number of days can Supply Chain Finance Credit be extended to Customers?

30/60/90 Days

? What is the Loan Ticket Size under Supply Chain Finance?

1 Lac to 50 Lacs

? How can Customers use Supply Chain Finance facility?

Invoice Financing of Bills receivable, Working capital requirements and Invoice Financing of Bills payable.

?Who use the funding in Supply Chain Finance funding?

Anchor, Distributor/ Wholeseller and Retailer.

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